Helpful Insights from Healing With Angels

Introduccion a Angeles

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Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing and when do I know I need a healing?

People ask me these questions all the time and its hard to explain because everyone is different, every healing will be different.  So the following is my best attempt to explain to all of you what healing is, what form it may take within you and when you should get a healing:

Energy healing works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  A healing will balance your aura and chakra’s, eliminate any negative energy within you and bring in positive, spiritual energy to […]

Depression and Anxiety

Heal with Angels works with many people that exhibit feelings of depression and anxiety.  These symptoms may be caused by many things; such as: stress from daily life, feelings of incompetency, work or personal situations, but also a disconnect with your spiritual creator: God or Universe, which ever way you chose to look at it.  When people have come to me with this issues, we discuss what is going on in their daily lives, their past, their eating/ drinking habits, drugs they are taking as all of these things influence ones feelings and emotions, which then translate into physical manifestations […]

Pet Healing & Communication – Heal with Angels


Pets are a Blessing in our lives!  They are our best friends and our companions.  They Love us unconditionally and this type of Love is difficult to find except from God and the Angels, our parents, family, some very close friends and once in a while in a romantic relationship.

Pets fill our lives and our homes with joy, Love and purpose.   As is said, “It’s not a home if you don’t have a pet”.  Most of us take really good care of our pets.  We feed them, give them plenty of water, play, walks, treats and visits […]