Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing and when do I know I need a healing?

People ask me these questions all the time and its hard to explain because everyone is different, every healing will be different.  So the following is my best attempt to explain to all of you what healing is, what form it may take within you and when you should get a healing:

Energy healing works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  A healing will balance your aura and chakra’s, eliminate any negative energy within you and bring in positive, spiritual energy to replenish the body so it may heal as the body is meant to.  God made your body, mind & spirit perfect.  Unfortunately, life happens and little by little we become weak and it can manifest emotionally through bad behaviors, personality issues, physical ailments, dis-ease, darkness, unhappiness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc…. One can choose to go see a doctor, get on pharmacological products, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and or one can choose the Holistic Health and Energy Healing option take natural remedies and use natural healing techniques; such as: energy healing, homeopathic remedies, supplements, proper nutrition, meditation, yoga and spiritual counseling.

Because healing works on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, it is all encompassing.  Having said that, in my practice I like to use a combination of different healing modalities to treat a client depending on their ailments.  For example, if someone came in with insomnia I would change their eating habits, give them a couple of supplements, have them come in for a few healings and  or spiritual counseling sessions.  I may also ask them to practice yoga and meditation.

During a healing anything can happen.  Some people say they see white or colorful lights, feel the heat coming from my hands like a furnace, chills up and down the body like electricity and some people may feel  like they are levitating.  Some experience tons of energy, others feel tired for a while and sleep 12 hours.   All feel a sense of peace and deep relaxation. Whatever you feel or experience is exactly what is supposed to happen and the healing continues for days afterwards as your body continues releasing and processing the positive spiritual energy.  Most people will feel lighter, happier and filled with energy.  Unfortunately, not all can be done in one healing and most people will need a series of healing in order to heal.

So , when do I know when I need a healing?  If you are feeling emotionally down, depressed, anxious, not able to sleep, angry, fearful, unhappy, disconnected or have any physical ailments or emotional trauma even if it is from your past it’s time for a healing.

Thank you so much for reading this article.  I hope it has served you and that one day you will give me an opportunity to serve you through any or all of my healing modalities.  May God Bless you !

Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels



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