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Power of Healing

The Power of Healing

Healing is an extraordinary experience. Whether you are sad, sick, exhausted, stressed, nervous, depressed, upset or any other physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue; Healing is a wonderful uplifting and simply said miraculous therapy which is good for all.  Healing is based on the most basic level, energy.  Hands-on Healing takes away negative energy: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments and drives in positive and healing energy to the bodies chakra’s or energy centers as well as all your organs, systems and glands for overall health and wellbeing.  Come get a healing […]



Most people think they are regular if they have a bowel movement once per day.  In Holistic Medicine, we believe you should go to the bathroom every time you eat.  Being constipated is very uncomfortable and unhealthy.  In fact, the first question I ask when I do a natural health consultation is; “how many bowel movements do you have in a day?”  If it is less than 2 to 3 times per day, I invite you to change your eating habits and possibly take some supplements.  Constipation will eventually lead to toxicity.  Please feel free to contact […]

spiritual counseling

Spiritual Counseling

Many of us struggle with our day to day lives and rarely have time to ask ourselves if we are happy or not?  We focus on our work and financial goals, but don’t seem to think about setting goals for personal growth; such as: being more understanding, patient, and compassionate.  It’s so important for our wellbeing and that of our community to focus on being a better person every single day of your life.  Ask yourself what have I done to be better person today? How can I improve who I am today for […]

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can cause irritability, drowsiness, lack of energy, high blood pressure, DNA disruption risk of diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, stroke, obesity and aging skin.

Lack of sleep is caused by many different reasons; such as: anxiety, day to day stress, worries, issues that you are not dealing with, improper nutritional habits and so on.  Whatever you are going through, your mind will keep you awake until you resolve it or put an action plan to it.  Proper nutrition, meditation, massage, healing, spiritual counseling, coaching these are just some of the ways in which a holistic practitioner can assist you […]