Angel Readings:

Do you believe in Angels?  70% of Americans do, says NBC’s Today Show.  No matter what religion or belief system, most people believe and are in awe of Angels.  It’s a true fascination!

During this service, we both invoke your Angel to come. I ask Him/Her their name and they give you a loving message. Sometimes these messages are a few minutes long, other times they can last ten minutes or more. Then you have an opportunity to ask questions. Almost all of my clients have felt their Angels presence. Some have seen their Angel, felt their touch and others have heard them. The most important thing is that you now can sense their presence, know their name. With this information most people feel comfortable in talking and listening to them. My clients then go off to have a loving relationship with their Angel.

You can have a one-on-one conversation with your Guardian Angel through a medium like myself and or come to a Guardian Angel Workshop.  Call, text or email now to schedule an appointment at 305-807-8998 or  To sign up for a workshop you can check out the next class on the Happenings section of this website from the home page or you can recruit 5 additional people and we will schedule a workshop just for you.



Everyone has a Guardian Angel. They serve to protect and guide us through our physical life here on earth. When I first began to develop my medianship, I would pray to God and my Guardian Angel for guidance and They would answer me. I then became to really enjoy my relationship with my Guardian Angel and decided to try to speak with others’ Guardian Angel. To my surprise it worked like a charm and since that day, this is one of my favorite services I provide my clients. Your Angel really wants to help guide you, but most of the time you are not listening. That’s where I come in to help you establish a relationship with your Angel.