Pet Medium:

Did you ever wonder what your pet would like to say to you?  How he or she feels? Pet Medium is someone who can communicate with animals.  Animals communicate via a one-way communication of their emotions vs how humans communicate which is two-way communication.  Yes really it is possible!  This is also a wonderful service for those dogs that have behavioral issues or rescues.

Pet Healing:

If your pet is sick, I can help them heal through Pet Healing service.  Animals are much easier to heal than humans as they don’t usually have any blocks.  Great for older ailing or resent surgery animals.  Bring me your animal to be healed!

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking & Doggie Day Care:

Going away on a vacation or business trip?  Let a pet medium and Healer take care of your pet while your away.  I treat everyone’s Pet’s like you would, if not better.  All dogs get 2 walks a day and never spend more than 2 to 3 hours without someone being at home with them.  There are two dogs and two cats at the house and they welcome new pets all the time.  Animals hate to stay home alone, but here there is always company.