SlimSculpt Weight Loss & Fat Loss

SlimSculpt Weight Loss & Fat Loss Machine

After many years of working with weight-loss clients and frustrations of weight-loss during menopause, I decided to research for Holistic approaches for speedy weight or fat loss and I found SlimSculpt.  Slimsculpt uses Red Light and Infared LED Light to “Bust” open fat cells allowing for our bodies natural elimination processes to rid the body of excess fat.  When used with a healthy nutrition plan and exercise, one can lose 1 to 3 inches of fat per week.

On the first day, I weigh and measure the areas you wish to lose fat.  We discuss your current nutritional & exercise habits as well as your state of mind.  Then I will recommend changes in your nutritional and exercise habits and ask you to take a few supplements that will help your body get rid of excess fat and decrease appetite and cravings while you use the SlimSculpt machine.

You will use the machine 2 to 3 times per week for 20 to 30 minutes then spend 20 minutes on the Vibration Plate then go home and exercise!

There are packages available from $600 to $2,400.