Meditation Sessions:

Guided Meditations serve as a relaxation, affirmation of whatever you want to achieve, feel or believe.  Personalized meditation sessions available now contact me at 305-807-8998 or

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About Meditation

Meditation is no longer associated with the Buddhist religion and becoming more mainstream in today’s busy life. Ten million Americans say they now practice meditation regularly, which is twice as much as a decade ago. Studies show that meditation is boosting people’s immune system, increasing their happiness and state of calmness as well as reducing stress. Some corporations, as well as schools are offering meditation to their students and employees for stress reduction and better focus and concentration. Scientists are now saying the have proof that meditation can actually rewire your brain.

Dr. Herbert Benson, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School tested 36 transcendental meditators for their heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and rectal temperature. He found that when they were in a meditative state, they used 17% less oxygen, lowered their heart rates by three beats a minute and increased their theta brain waves. Benson, who wrote The Relaxation Response, says that “meditators counteracted the stress-induced fight-or-flight response and achieved a calmer happier state”.yoga

Basically mediation as an excellent tool for relaxation and healing. We sleep because our bodies need to rest, cleanse and rebuild itself. A twenty minute meditation can be as good as 4 hours of sleep. In meditation the body is able to heal and rebuild itself. If during meditation we are repeating a simple affirmation; such as: life is great, I am prosperous and happy. We will come out of our meditation knowing that life is great, that you are very prosperous and an overwhelming feeling of happiness. It is an effective tool to use before a big meeting, presentation, conversation. All you have to do is visualize yourself being very effective and others receiving your message in the correct manner in which you wish them to and it will happen. Because whatever you can visualize or imagine, and believe, you can achieve.

At Heal with Angels, our meditation serve as a relaxation, affirmation of whatever it is you want to achieve, feel or believe. As a Healer, my meditations always include a spiritual, physical and or emotional healing.

Please call for an appointment or come to our regular meditation session on Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 pm. You must call to rsvp.