Nutritional Plans

A personalized nutritional plan will be designed specifically for you to reach your optimal weight and health.  We will discuss your current nutritional habits and health issues including any emotional issues and it will all be addressed using my various healing techniques.  Food allergies will be tested using applied kinesiology, a completely non-invasive technique to make sure that the body will work at optimal levels. Various supplements may also be suggested as part of the nutrition plan.  Call now for an appointment at 305-807-8998 and or email:

Holistic Nutrition:

Holistic nutrition is the philosophy that God put on this earth everything we need to eat. It is the idea that “whole foods”, foods found in nature, has all the proper nutrients that we need to feed our cells and keep us healthy. Whole foods are fruits, vegetables, meats and grains that have not been processed or refined or added chemicals; such as: pesticides, wax, antibiotics, hormones, etc…. Unfortunately, farmers have been using pesticides (chemicals) to ward away bugs from their crops, and we are ingesting them and having to process them (liver). They are also putting wax on the fruits to make them look more appetizing. Our animals are being fed antibiotics to ward away bacteria and infectious disease, but we are ingesting them making our system immune to antibiotics. They are also feeding our animals unhealthy foods and hormones to make the animals grow faster. In turn, we are eating unhealthy food and hormones. Most eggs are not fertilized, which mean they have no life, nor lecitin which is necessary to digest cholesterol, causing problems for many people with high cholesterol. Eat whole, organics fruits and vegetables, natural meats and good, nutritious grains. comidapeque


Living Foods:

Living foods is the belief that we need to eat foods that have life in order to promote life and foods with good energy “chi”. Living foods are mostly raw with some that are dehydrated and slightly cooked in a very slow process that does not kill or alter the natural nutrient.