Learn About a Hampton Woman’s Mission for Spiritual, Nutritional, and Emotional Healing

By Kelly Church

As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Angelologist, certified natural health and nutritional lifestyle consultant, and a student of naturopathy, Alina Nunez is in the business of health and wellness. She is also the owner of Heal with Angels, a Hampton, NH-based wellness company.

Alina connects with her clients to help them build healthier lifestyles, appropriate nutrition plans, achieve weight loss, provide angel healing and readings, aid with detoxification and stress relief, and even clear chakras.

Alina’s mission is bold, yet simple: heal as many people and animals as possible through the services offered. She mixes spirituality, yoga and meditation practices, kinesiology and massage to achieve this. Most of her services involve both mind and body health and wellness, much of which, according to Alina, is attached to what and how people eat.

“Overeating is mainly caused by emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety or just overall feeling of being unhappy,” Alina says. “Through meditation, I can reprogram the neurons of your mind to redirect your eating habits to only healthy foods, exercise and in small quantities. Learning how to eat is part of the nutritional therapy that I provide along with health coaching.”

Alina recommends an appropriate diet to the clients it is appropriate for, including supplements and other nutritional recommendations. She can accommodate for clients seeking weight loss and those who need assistance with other health concerns.

Alina also offers her services to big companies with a corporate wellness program that features lunch and learn sessions. During short sessions over lunch, Alina reviews a variety of topics with employees, ranging from positive thinking, to mental and physical fitness, to managing addictions.

Alina is also a spiritual counselor, saying that she helps give her clients a different way of looking at issues than a traditional therapist would. She even provides guardian angel readings, inviting a client’s guardian angel and relaying messages between the two.

This, she says, helps her clients grow spiritually. She aligns chakras and assists with energy clearing of a person’s home or office. Alina is a one-woman show, immersing herself in her clients lives and taking on their challenges to help them see lifestyle improvement.

“This is not a job or a business for me,” Alina says. “This is my life’s mission. Once one finds their life mission and chooses to dedicate oneself to it, many other gifts are given to them and I share all these gifts with my clients.”

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Alina Nuñez is a Healer and uses Iridology and Applied Kinesiology to detect health issues. Her healing techniques include: hands-on healing spiritual counseling meditation yoga pilates aromatherapy acupressure and reflexology.

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