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Power of Healing

The Power of Healing

Healing is an extraordinary experience. Whether you are sad, sick, exhausted, stressed, nervous, depressed, upset or any other physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue; Healing is a wonderful uplifting and simply said miraculous therapy which is good for all.  Healing is based on the most basic level, energy.  Hands-on Healing takes away negative energy: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments and drives in positive and healing energy to the bodies chakra’s or energy centers as well as all your organs, systems and glands for overall health and wellbeing.  Come get a healing […]

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

March is nutrition month, so as a holistic nutritionist, I am compelled to write about proper nutritional habits.

Some people look at food as a reward system or a way to indulge oneself when they have worked hard or going through a hard time.  As a nutritionist, I see it as a destructive behavior not a reward system. You may want to consider a healthier reward system as you get to take a day off and go to the beach, go to the spa, go dancing, play golf or whatever your other healthier pleasures may […]

Spiritual Workshop – Live in the Divine Flow

Heal with Angels – Spiritual Workshop – “Live in the Divine Flow”

If your life is flowing well with little to no conflicts or challenges it means you are living in the Divine Flow. How many of us truly live in the Divine Flow and for how long?  Few of us humans live in this state for what seems more than a few brief moments .  We should all strive to live in the divine flow as much time as possible.  We must first start by living in the Here and Now!  Notice everything around you, then notice only the good […]