Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

March is nutrition month, so as a holistic nutritionist, I am compelled to write about proper nutritional habits.

Some people look at food as a reward system or a way to indulge oneself when they have worked hard or going through a hard time.  As a nutritionist, I see it as a destructive behavior not a reward system. You may want to consider a healthier reward system as you get to take a day off and go to the beach, go to the spa, go dancing, play golf or whatever your other healthier pleasures may be.

Others describe themselves as Foodies and over indulge in rich foods every week if not every day.  Unfortunately, what happens is that once we get a taste of these delicious foods, we want more; such as: potato chips, cheesecake, etc.  It’s hard to stop and only have one small bite.  In small quantities and once a week, eating rich and fatty foods is not a problem unless you have a fatty liver, cholesterol issues, and other health issues related to eating high in fat or sugary foods.

People with eating disorders suffer a great deal and need psychological assistance along with that of a nutritionist.  I have found healing, guided meditation and nutritional counseling to be very helpful.

People need to retrain their minds to think of food as nutrients that fuel our bodies.  When we eat our organic fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and good carbohydrates in the right quantities and various times a day; our body runs like a perfectly fueled machine.  If not, the body will start faltering and eventually break down. When you eat packaged and processed foods, you are eating empty calories; no micronutrients. Once our body gets all the micronutrients it needs, then if you want to indulge a bit, I say go ahead.

Before choosing your meal at home or at a restaurant, make sure your plate has more vegetables than protein and complex carbs as you can never eat too many vegetables.  The high protein craze, which I believe has been made popular for weight-training and weight-loss by personal trainers (who most are not nutritionist) is taxing to your liver and kidney.  Fruit is delicious and nutritious. Those of you who are diabetic, fruit must be eaten in moderation.

Food is also medicinal, so every food we eat has different nutrients and affect our bodies differently.  One must be aware of any food allergies they may have and stay away from those foods.  If you have any health issues, you need to eat accordingly.  As a holistic nutritionist, I can create a personalized nutrition plan for weight-loss, healthy eating or any health issue.

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