Spiritual Workshop - Live in the Divine Flow

Heal with Angels – Spiritual Workshop – “Live in the Divine Flow”

If your life is flowing well with little to no conflicts or challenges it means you are living in the Divine Flow. How many of us truly live in the Divine Flow and for how long?  Few of us humans live in this state for what seems more than a few brief moments .  We should all strive to live in the divine flow as much time as possible.  We must first start by living in the Here and Now!  Notice everything around you, then notice only the good, such as: the warming sun, breeze, bird singing, beautiful trees, someone smiling at you.  It’s all there for us to see, in the middle of all the other things; like the traffic, honking, someone was rude with us, it’s so hot, etc…Once we connect the good within all the rest, focus on it and keep our attention only to the good, then our time spent in the Diving Flow will begin to increase.  This is a life long process, it will take sometime to accomplish and then when we are faced with challenges we are usually thrown off of the divine flow and have to refocus again to the good, to the light so that we may remain and continue in the Divine Flow. This is a daily, all day process, but after a while it will be automatic and will help you build your spirituality, your spiritual practice.  Spiritual Workshop helps us learn, focus and keep this focus. You should ask yourself, “how do I practice my spirituality?” Heal with Angels has a Spiritual Workshop entitled: “Live in the Divine Flow”.   Please help me grow my readership and my business by re-posting on all your social media outlets.

Thank you and Many Blessings to you all !

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