Depression and Anxiety

Heal with Angels works with many people that exhibit feelings of depression and anxiety.  These symptoms may be caused by many things; such as: stress from daily life, feelings of incompetency, work or personal situations, but also a disconnect with your spiritual creator: God or Universe, which ever way you chose to look at it.  When people have come to me with this issues, we discuss what is going on in their daily lives, their past, their eating/ drinking habits, drugs they are taking as all of these things influence ones feelings and emotions, which then translate into physical manifestations.   And the last thing I ask my clients is, “What is your spiritual practice consist of?”.  Then there is a silence followed by a sigh as to signify that they knew all along that they should be engaging in a daily spiritual practice, but yet have not.

Every food, drink, drug we eat/take affects our emotional, mental and physical bodies.  We all need to be careful as to what we ingest and be conscious of it’s daily and overall effect on us.  Then we need to make appropriate and conscious changes in our lives.  Countless people around the word self-medicate; either through drugs, food, tobacco products and alcohol to ease their feelings of depression and anxiety.  These stimulants and depressants only work temporarily and mask what is really going on with us.  Our bodies need proper nutrients to perform our daily tasks.
When one is going through some more severe situations, we must supplement our adrenal glands so that our body can better handle to additional stress and limit our intake of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol which deplete the body if the nutrients our bodies truly need.  Heal with Angels can put together a nutrition plan that will help you cope with stress better.

How about you take a really good luck at who you are, what you are doing to yourself or not doing to yourself and make changes to better yourself, your life and in turn all of those around you.  A spiritual practice for 10 to 20 minutes a day, can make all the difference in your life.  It will help you look at life from a different perspective, assist on how you deal with life’s challenges or opportunities and can help you look past what’s right in front of you and look at the overall big picture rather than the minute details that in the end mean very little in our lives.  There are many spiritual practices; such as: prayer, meditation, yoga, breathe work, running/walking, playing music, etc…. Remember that we are mainly Spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the other way around.  A change in perspective and priorities usually makes the biggest difference.

Heal with angels offers guided meditation sessions or you can download a meditation on the website:  We also offer a number of spiritual workshops to get you on your way at Private yoga classes and energy healing sessions are also available.

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