Pet Healing & Communication - Heal with Angels

Pets are a Blessing in our lives!  They are our best friends and our companions.  They Love us unconditionally and this type of Love is difficult to find except from God and the Angels, our parents, family, some very close friends and once in a while in a romantic relationship.

Pets fill our lives and our homes with joy, Love and purpose.   As is said, “It’s not a home if you don’t have a pet”.  Most of us take really good care of our pets.  We feed them, give them plenty of water, play, walks, treats and visits to the vet and park.  But do we know what they are thinking or what they would like to say to us?  What they might need?

At Heal with Angels we can communicate with your pet and let you know what he or she is feeling and what they need.  We Love them like family and we treat them as such.

Some pets have behavioral problems similar to us especially the rescues or abused dogs.  Healers at Heal with Angels can heal your pet  of emotional, behavioral and physical ailments through our Pet Healing services.

Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels – 305-807-8998

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