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Pet Massage, Healing & Communication – Heal with Angels – Alina Nunez

For many of us, our pets are our kids.  We love them and they love us back unconditionally.  You may take your pet to the vet several times a year, grooming every month or two, the doggie park once a week (if not every day) and even book a doggie playdate every once in a while.  But what about a massage?

Dogs & cats LOVE massage, just like most of us do!  Believe it or not, pets get just as stressed out as we do and sometimes even […]

Pet Healing & Communication – Heal with Angels


Pets are a Blessing in our lives!  They are our best friends and our companions.  They Love us unconditionally and this type of Love is difficult to find except from God and the Angels, our parents, family, some very close friends and once in a while in a romantic relationship.

Pets fill our lives and our homes with joy, Love and purpose.   As is said, “It’s not a home if you don’t have a pet”.  Most of us take really good care of our pets.  We feed them, give them plenty of water, play, walks, treats and visits […]