Pet Massage, Healing & Communication

Pet Massage, Healing & Communication – Heal with Angels – Alina Nunez

For many of us, our pets are our kids.  We love them and they love us back unconditionally.  You may take your pet to the vet several times a year, grooming every month or two, the doggie park once a week (if not every day) and even book a doggie playdate every once in a while.  But what about a massage?

Dogs & cats LOVE massage, just like most of us do!  Believe it or not, pets get just as stressed out as we do and sometimes even more, since they not only deal with your stress, but everyone in the household´s.  A 20 minute massage will help your pet relax and feel better almost immediately.  They also have aching bones, joints and muscles, so why wouldn’t you book your dog or kitty cat a massage?

Our animals communicate with us all the time.  In fact, the more you speak with them, the more they will speak with you.  The question is, do you understand what they are saying?  If your pet is misbehaving or sick, this is a great time to hear what they have to say.  Also, when you get a new pet, you may want to book an appointment with a pet communicator like me to get some background information on your pet.  Now, not all pets want to communicate.  This is why being an intuitive makes it a lot easier for me to get the information you want to know from your beloved pets.  So if you are interested in knowing what your pet is saying to you, this is the service for you.

In this day and age you have probably heard about healing for people, but did you know there are healers that also work with animals?  So if your pet is sick and not feeling well, healing can really help them feel better and possibly remove their illness. As a healer, I find that working on animals is oftentimes easier than working on humans.  When working with animals, they do have to like and trust the healer in order to open up, but after that first connection; healing energy can flow easily to your pet.

The Holiday’s are coming up, what about a doggie or kitty massage?

Alina Nunez, Healer, Massage Therapist & Pet Communion @ Heal with Angels – 305-807-8998

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