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Holistic Health & Nutrition

Holistic Health & Nutrition – Heal with Angels


Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition…. It is one of the most important elements of our overall health and wellbeing,  Proper food provides the nutrients our bodies need to perform our daily tasks, but also to keep our bodies strong and healthy.  Everyone knows that saying, “you are what you eat”, it’s actually: ” you are what your body absorbs or assimilates”.  In order to assimilate our foods properly we need plenty of enzymes.  Its good to take food enzymes along with every meal to make sure you are properly assimilating your nutrients […]

Spiritual Workshop – Live in the Divine Flow

Heal with Angels – Spiritual Workshop – “Live in the Divine Flow”

If your life is flowing well with little to no conflicts or challenges it means you are living in the Divine Flow. How many of us truly live in the Divine Flow and for how long?  Few of us humans live in this state for what seems more than a few brief moments .  We should all strive to live in the divine flow as much time as possible.  We must first start by living in the Here and Now!  Notice everything around you, then notice only the good […]

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