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Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition…. It is one of the most important elements of our overall health and wellbeing,  Proper food provides the nutrients our bodies need to perform our daily tasks, but also to keep our bodies strong and healthy.  Everyone knows that saying, “you are what you eat”, it’s actually: ” you are what your body absorbs or assimilates”.  In order to assimilate our foods properly we need plenty of enzymes.  Its good to take food enzymes along with every meal to make sure you are properly assimilating your nutrients.  We should eat plenty of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, but we also need natural, hormone and antibiotic free animal proteins.  For those of you who wish to be vegan or vegetarian, make sure you are still getting all the proteins and essential fatty acid and that you are not eating a diet full of processed packaged foods.  I have a Swiss friend who is a vegetarian and he barely eats vegetables, explain that one to me?  It’s simple he has not learned how to eat properly.  But no worries, I have taught him now. What most people don’t realize is that food is medicine!  We have heard the term: brain food, right?  Neurologists have realized how important EFA are to feed the brain.  In fact more and more Neurologist are prescribing vitamins to all their patients and high dosages of EFA’s and folic Acid.  So yes most everything we eat will affect our mind, body and emotions in a positive or negative manner.  It is important to learn which are those foods, but here is the catch: we are all different so it’s best that you come see a specialist like me that can tests you on which foods they are.  I use Applied Kinesiology to tests people on foods that make them strong or weak, which usually has to do with what foods they are allergic to even if it is in a small way.  Actually food allergies have been known to cause havoc to ones body without anyone finding out for a long time.  In fact, most heart disease is caused by food allergies. Foods can also effect your mood, and emotions.  So if you are feeling depressed, anxious part of the problem can be the foods you are eating and how they are reacting to your body chemistry. I would recommend a change in nutritional habits, a natural mood elevator, or a calming remedy as well as energy healing and a review of your spiritual practice. More and more people are becoming  aware of how important it is the types of foods we eat.  Restaurants and food manufacturers are also getting on the bandwagon on cutting down or eliminating preservatives and using more brown rice and quinoa and organic fruits and vegetables and hormone and antibiotic free animal proteins, also plenty of good fats.  This is a good thing, but it must continue and we must be make smart and conscious nutritional decisions every time we eat.


Heal with Angels is available to prepare an individual Nutrition Plan, Allergy Testing, Energy Healing, Nutritional Supplements and much more.  Please take a look at our website at www.healwithangels.com or call us at 305-807-8998.   Alina Nunez

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