Four Keys to Healthy Living

Four Keys to Healthy Living

Healthy living has many aspects to it, with some of the most important being: nutrition, exercise, meditation and mindset.  Can you practice one or two of these without investing time in the others?  Yes, but it will not have the same impact on your overall health and its improvement.

Proper nutrition is vital to our bodies.  The food we eat on a daily basis must provide the micro-nutrients that our bodies need to perform all its functions and give us energy to work, exercise and do all our daily activities.

  • Daily exercise helps to keep our bones and muscles strong, and our joints and ligaments flexible.  Cardio vascular workout benefits our heart, circulation and lungs.  Weight lifting assists in strengthening our bones and muscles.  Yoga and pilates are great for toning, stretching, breathing and calming our minds, among many other benefits.
  • Meditation stills the mind and increases your focus while at the same time; lowering your blood pressure, balancing your sugar and most importantly, connecting you to your higher self, God, Universe and all its infinite wisdom.
  • Mindset is where your thoughts are.  Are you a positive thinker?  Always thinking about good things or do you focus on what is going wrong in your life?  The answer usually depends on how we feel about ourselves or what our mood is that day. We all know someone that always seems to focus on the negative.  Our thoughts help to set up our lives.  Where we focus our thoughts shapes what is created for us in our daily lives.  Where are your thoughts today?

How can you set up your life to incorporate more of these healthy living pillars and achieve greater overall health? It’s hard to do it all, but hiring a good, educated health coach can keep you on track with the results you wish to attain in your life.  Whether it is weight-loss, body toning, stress reduction or spiritual growth you desire, these and many other desired outcomes can be attained with the help of a the right professional. While many health counselors do hold a coaching certification, most know little about nutrition or exercise.  Seek out a health coach that has studied in all of these fields noted above and you will be able to map out a plan for achieving overall wellness and optimal health.

 Alina Nunez, Certified Natural Health & Nutritional Consultant @ Heal with Angels – 305-807-8998 –;

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