3 Steps to Spiritual Awakening

Step 1: Be Mindful of Others

So many of us walk around this planet acting as if we are the only one that matters.  Be mindful of others!  We are all here and we are all one.  What you do to others, you are basically doing to yourself.  Stop ignoring others!  Say hello as you pass by.  Look into one another’s eyes.  Acknowledge each other’s presence. Mindfulness meditation is a great way be become mindful and enhance your spiritual awakening.

Step 2: Connect with Nature

Nature is here with us and for us.  Take time to inhale the oxygen that is being produced by the plants and trees that surround you.  Most of the food we eat comes from nature.  Take your time to think about that instead of being glued to your phone or television.  Sink your feet into the sand or grass beneath you and know that it is alive.  Feel the wind gently caress your skin and the sun warm your body.  Without nature, we could not survive.  So much spiritual energy can be found in nature.  Nature is spiritual!

Step 3: Gratitude, Gratitude & Gratitude

Key to great overall health and wellbeing, as well as happiness and joy, is expressing gratitude.  It’s not enough to say one is grateful, although it is the first step, but to truly feel with deep emotion and then express gratitude.  That is truly “the Bomb” or as the Spaniards would say: “la Ostia”.  Gratitude connects us to our spirit and increases our spirituality.

Take time this weekend to practice these 3 steps to spiritual awakening, and then please report back and let me know how it made you feel.  Guided meditation available upon request.


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