Spiritual Counseling & Terrorism

I have thought for days since the Paris incident what to write about that would honor those innocent that have transcended back to the spiritual realm also help those who have been left behind and for us who are left in shock and wondering what happens to their innocent souls who have seemed to lose their lives without purpose or meaning. I hope my words are a comfort to all who read them and if you think so, please pass it on to others that may find comfort as well. No matter how tragic the loss, no one leaves this earth before they are meant to.  It might seem that way to us who are left behind in disbelief, but there is a higher and bigger purpose behind all happenings. As we go through our daily lives we sometimes forget that we are first and foremost spiritual beings who, for a short period of time, are having a human or physical experience.  We are all to return home after our mission or life learning experiences are completed.  Death as we know it is simply a welcome home.  Those of us who have lost loved ones have a hard time accepting this at the time because we miss our loved ones so much, but it is sometimes for selfish reasons and other times for good reasons; for example: when a child loses a parent and you know that the child will never be the same.  Our experiences in life are what make us who we are and if this is a life experience we are meant to have, suffer through, learn from it and then make something good of it, no one should or can get in the way, not even your Guardian Angel. This is called “Free Will”. Many people including myself believe that before we come to the physical realm we choose our life lessons, therefore we have chosen these experiences. There is always a higher purpose to everything that happens. So let’s look at opportunities to turn this around. In the case of the incident in Paris, most of us did not know that isis had the capacity to carry out such a sophisticated plan and some would argue that heads of state didn’t either. Now it has been brought to our attention. So many people have lost their lives to bring this to the attention of the world, so what are we going to do about it? First and foremost, pray for all the souls that have transcended in this tragic incident so that their Soul can be in the Glory of God Now and Forever! For those who are still in critical condition and are wounded may they heal swiftly physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For those who have lost loved ones may they find Peace and know that God is Good All the Time! We can write to our congressman, senator, etc… and demand more sophisticated intelligence efforts and security in order to prevent such tragedies. We can ask our heads of state to eradicate isis and any other terrorist group out there no matter what the cost, but the world would have to do this together as they seem to be joining forces now. When the good stands together against evil, good will always prevail! This is a simple spiritual law: Light will always defeat darkness because where there is Light, darkness can’t exist. Therefore, turn on the Light! We can also be more attentive ourselves of anything we may hear about or see that sounds suspicious and report it. Let’s stop living in a bubble and understand that we are all One. What happens to one of God’s creations happens to us all. Let’s stand together as a huge beacon of Light and demand that the darkness does not exist and that everything is in Divine order!

Many Blessings to you all!

Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels – 305-807-8998


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