Energy Clearing - Home or Office

So much negative energy can accumulate in your home and your office due to clutter, dirt, dust and just day to day crap that piles up whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  It is very important to keep your home clean, neat and giveaway or throw away things that you do not use or need anymore.  I suggest going through your drawers and closets every 3 months.  I’m talking about that “everything drawer” as well.  This will help clear up the energy in your home.  If you feel stagnant energy, low energy or money/prosperity is not coming to you, you most probably have blocks in your home/office or and inside you.  An energy clearing of your home can go a long way to boost your energy, mood and prosperity!

Same thing goes for your office or business.  A lot of papers and stuff pile up here as well and unblocking and clearing the energy can increase your business 1000 fold.  Just recently, I attempted to do a distance healing on a long-term client of mine who lives on Miami Beach.  When I went there spiritual early that morning I was blocked by an uninvited and unwelcomed being.  I texted my client and let him know that I was coming over and that I needed to do a clearing at his home and for everyone who lived  there.  Once I got there, I began to clear the energy and low and behold I encountered the uninvited guest.  It took a lot of prayer work to get it out and keep it out.  Then I cleansed everyone at the house and blessed the house and them so that they would be protected from such attacks.  They all immediately felt better and that night they slept 12 hours.

Your home is your castle and your sanctuary, keeping it clean in all ways is very important for everyone’s overall emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Alina Nunez – Heal with Angels


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