Women & Heart Health

In the past, researchers focused more on men when it came to heart disease than women.  Now since more women are experiencing some form of heart disease, they are finally spending some money on researching the causes of heart disease in women and how they differ from the causes in men.  In the field of Natural Health or Holistic Health, we believe that 85% of heart disease comes from food allergies.  Yes, you heard me, something as simple as food allergies.  I say simple, because it should be, but actually most food allergies are so minimal that they do not show in the usual ways; such as: runny eyes, nose, sneezing, coughing, indigestion, bloating, etc… So how do we know if we are allergic to certain foods?

At Heal with Angels, I use a very simple and non-invasive form of testing for allergies called Applied Kinesiology.  It is similar to Muscle Response Technique that a chiropractors use.  Using this technique, I go through a list of foods and environmental allergies to see what foods make you weak or strong and then you would of course stay away from foods that cause weakness in your body as illness may set in to your body if and when there is a weakness.



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