Weight Loss Program

As your personal weight loss coach, I will develop a weight loss program that is specifically designed, customized and personalized for you according to your body’s nutritional needs. Every body is different and must be treated individually!

The program begins with a Natural Health Consultation, which includes a thorough review of your daily eating habits, known health issues and medical history, then a discussion of your emotional state, short and long-term goals, etc… An Iridology reading follows to see what are your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Applied Kinesiology to test your hormone levels, thyroid functioning ability and food allergies. This technique will also be used to determine specific foods that will help you to stay trim and those that will make you gain weight. Then,supplements will be suggested that will increase your body’s efficiency to burn fat and promote weight loss. An initial cleanse will be strongly suggested to help kick start the weight loss as well as vitamin & mineral supplements. A thorough and personalized nutrition plan will be developed for you to follow along with a food diary to so that you can keep track of your daily food intake.

We will conduct weekly meetings via phone, Skype or in person for twelve consecutive weeks. During these meetings we will review your daily food diary, meals, daily exercise routines and make adjustments as necessary. We will also discuss any difficulties including emotional stresses you may be experiencing that impede your sense of wellbeing and cause destructive behaviors, i.e., binging,drinking, smoking, etc… The daily exercise regimen will also be reviewed. Meditation or healing services may be rendered if we deem helpful or necessary.


90/120 Day Weight Loss Program includes:

-Natural Health & Nutritional Consultation – Iridology, Applied Kinesiology for food allergy testing and hormonal balancing;
-Complete Nutritional Plan including specific foods to eat and to avoid and portions. Maintaining a daily food diary is strongly recommended;
-Exercise Program – will be developed, followed and reviewed;
-Meditation, Massage and or Healing – may be suggested as an additional tool;
-Weekly one-on-one review sessions – via phone, Skype or in person;
-Daily Nutrition Food Guide and Check-in – is available if needed.