Nutrition for Back to School

Nutrition for Back to School

Summer break is almost over and hopefully you have all had a great time.

As much as you love your kids, most parents can’t wait until they are back in school.  Summertime usually means vacation, playtime and less discipline when it comes to bedtime and eating habits.  You probably want to ease the discipline back into your kids’ lives by having them start going to bed earlier every day and getting them back on a healthy eating program by cutting back on the sweets, fried and fun food.

If you want your child to do better in school and behave better all around, they need to eat better.  Consider the following:

  1. Healthy soy/almond/or coconut milk protein shake for breakfast with peanut butter or tahini;
  2. A piece of fruit or yogurt for morning snack
  3. Salad plus chicken/fish/tuna/meat or Veggie Sandwich with multi-grain bread for lunch;
  4. ½ cup of raw nuts & seeds for afternoon snack;
  5. Protein + veggies for dinner

Food allergies need to be considered, so if you don’t know what your child is allergic to, make sure you get them tested.  At Heal with Angels, we use applied kinesiology to test for food allergies among other things.


Alina Nunez, Certified Natural Health & Nutritional Consultant @ Heal with Angels; – 305-807-8998

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