Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Mosquito Repellent 

The heat and humidity bring mosquitoes out into our neighborhoods, and they come hungry for our blood.  With the Zika virus spreading around the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, you need to be very careful to avoid getting bitten.  So what can you use to repel mosquitoes that is not laden with chemicals?

There are natural forms of bug repellent that can be used instead of the highly chemical ones that are usually sold in stores.  Below are a few suggestions:


  1. If you are at home or at a restaurant the easiest thing to do is to get some lemon or lemon juice. Put a few drops on your feet, ankles, behind the knees, ears, neck, elbows and wrists.Mosquitoes hate citrus. This is why stores sell Citronella candles. Be sure to wash off when you get inside as lemon can color your skin, especially if you get sun.
  2.  Alternatively, you can use essential oils that contain lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit such as: lemon/mint, lemon/eucalyptus, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, tangerine, etc…
  3.  You can purchase online or at your local natural foods store various organic or natural bug repellents, already mixed for you.

Have a lovely summer and keep away from those tiny vampires called mosquitoes!

Alina Nunez, Certified Natural Health & Nutritional Consultant, Health Coach, Healer & Angelologist

Heal with Angels @ 305-807-8998;

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