Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy Gift Ideas

It’s the Holiday season and some of you may be stumped when trying to figure out what to give someone as a gift.  My intention with this article is to share a few healthy and  self-indulgent type gift ideas for your friends, family, co-workers and special someone(s).

Massage – most people LOVE massage!  So many of us are stressed and tired, and a soothing relaxation, deep-tissue or therapeutic massage is an excellent gift idea.  Most spas and individual massage therapists offer gift certificates.  I personally allow my clients to purchase a gift certificate valid for one year and if the person they purchased it for does not use it, they can redeem it personally.  That is my guarantee to my clients.

Gym Membership – 1 month of a gym membership with 1 personal training session is a wonderful gift. Make sure you make it a gym which is convenient for your loved one.

Guided Meditation Sessions – This is a wonderful gift for the A personality type who is always so busy and stressed out.  Meditation is such a wonderful way to learn to relax.  Guided meditation sessions are great for someone who wants to achieve certain goals in their life or change their personal habits; such as: living a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier, stop smoking/drinking.  Guided meditation works very similarly to hypnotherapy in the way it works your subconscious to reprogram your neurons.  Meditation is also a great gift for those who want to learn to meditate and those seeking more of a connection with the Universe or spiritual realm.

Personalized Nutrition Plans – A personalized nutrition plan can really help someone with any health condition; such as: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetic or pre-diabetic and also fantastic for weight-loss and overall healthy eating.  An individualized nutrition plan will take into account your food allergies and sensitivities as well as foods that weaken you vs. strengthen you.

Healthy Eating Food Services – Another great gift idea is 1 week worth of healthy meals delivered right to your door. Great for portion control and for those who don’t cook or are too busy to think about what to eat.

One-on-one Yoga or Pilates Classes – So many people want to try a class of yoga, but don’t want to do so in front of anyone else especially at the beginning.  One-on-one yoga classes are a wonderful way to gently introduce someone to yoga and preparing them for group classes if they so wish.  It’s also great for someone who has special needs or requires gentle yoga classes.

Healing or Chakra Clearing & Balancing – The gift of Healing is my favorite!  Such a wonderful experience to help introduce someone to the Healing Arts and also for anyone who has gone through any trauma, depression, anxiety, pain or health issues.  Basically anyone can highly benefit from a Healing.

Angel Readings & Spiritual Guidance – This is a very special gift for someone who loves Angels or is interested in learning more about Angels.  It is such a lovely gift to learn the name of your Angel, feel their energy and presence and get messages from them.  Also great for someone who is seeking spiritual guidance or therapy.

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