Emotional Heart Health - Healing

Earlier this month, I wrote an article on heart health as it pertains to the physical well-being of your heart. We covered basic information on the heart and its activities, diseases, preventive medicine, nutrition, iridology and applied kinesiology. Just in case you missed it, here is the link: www.healwithangels.com/its-heart-month-love-your-heart.

Now, I would like to bring your attention to the emotional aspects of heart health. Mental activity (thoughts) provokes emotions, both negative and positive, which then effect our physical bodies. To understand or deal with the cause of many physical issues, one must go to where their thoughts are, and see what emotion they are expending on these thoughts. One can have a fleeting negative thought and if they dismiss it, give it little or no value, then it will not have an effect on them emotionally. But when one allows these thoughts to take over their emotions for an extended period of time, the physical body will suffer.

Matters of the heart are real! When one suffers a big disappointment, a loss of a loved one, we feel our heart or area around the heart literally hurts. The heart chakra is right in between the pectoral muscle in the center of the body and this is where most of our emotional heartbreak is felt. This chakra is the color of green. Sometimes the pain can be so overwhelming that it will affect our breathing as our lungs are directly behind the heart chakra and our mid-back area.

Healing of the heart takes time, but can be quickened through an energy healing session. My healing method removes the negative emotion (hurt feelings) from the body and brings in Love and Light for healing. Healing will lighten your load and leave you with a wonderful sense of peace and love for yourself and others. Bach flower remedies also help you heal emotionally.

Come heal your heart today!

Alina Nunez, Minister, Healer, Angelologist, Massage Therapist & Certified Natural Health & Holistic Nutritionist @ Heal with Angels – 305-807-8998

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