Avoid holiday weight-gain in 3 easy steps

3 steps to avoid holiday weight gain & after eating guilt:

The Holidays are here and most of us have lots of parties to go to. At each party there is so much fattening food and drinks available. So the question is: how do we avoid weight gain during the season?

  1. Have a filling and satisfying meal or protein shake before you go to the parties, so it is easier to avoid temptation;
  2. If you have a sugary or alcoholic drink, make sure you have a large glass of water in between drinks;
  3. When you get to the party and possibly throughout your stay, your host is going to encourage you to have something to eat and drink. Instead of telling them you are on a diet, watching your weight or that you are full; try telling them that your stomach isn’t feeling well and that you just took something for it and thank them for their hospitality.

Now what’s the fun in all of this….Why go to the party if you don’t want to eat and drink? These 3 helpful hints will help you diminish the amount of fattening foods and calorie rich drinks, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have anything. Have a little something if you wish. Overeating and drinking is one of the worst things you can do for your body as it will most likely throw your digestive system into a frenzy and alter your mood.


Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels

305-807-8998; http://healwithangels.com/nutrition/

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