5 Steps to Eliminating Insomnia

There are many reasons we experience insomnia.  Some are chemically induced; such as taking certain medications or consuming stimulating foods and beverages that can cause us to wake up in the middle of the night and find that we can’t get back to sleep.  Other reasons include pain, discomfort, too much light or stimulation, like from our technical devices, or temperature being too hot or cold.  Emotional reasons can be that we are worried or are upset, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, experiencing change of life stress, or perhaps because there is something we are not dealing with that we need to.  These simple steps that can help reduce or eliminate insomnia:

Cut down or eliminate caffeinated, stimulant filled drinks and sugary items throughout your day, especially after 4 pm.  If your insomnia is due to a necessary medication, maybe you can take it earlier in the day.  Eat protein at night and no sugar, which includes fruit for dinner or midnight snack.

  1. Remove any electronic devices from your room, especially from your nightstand, as they emit electrical impulses that can interfere with your sleep.  Make sure your room is nice and dark and the temperature is comfortable.
  2. Anxiety, depression, change of life stress, worries… whatever emotional situation is ailing you needs to be dealt with.  Do not take medications to avoid it, but deal with it headfirst.  The quicker you deal with it the quicker it will be over with.  There are wonderful natural homeopathic remedies that can help you on a daily basis or for a short period of time while you are going or growing through a situation.  Bach Flower remedies are fantastic in treating many of the conditions we as humans experience, without any side effects.  There are also plenty of supplements that can help us deal or cope with emotional ailments.  Please make sure to consult with a professional for advice, as some may cause a slight dependency or addiction.
  3. Exercise is a great way to eliminate stress and anxiety from our bodies and our minds.  It also allows us to strengthen our bones and muscles and stretch our ligaments and tendons.  Yoga, pilates, cardio and weight lifting as well as spinning and Zumba are all fantastic and will help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.
  4. Prayer and meditation help prepare oneself for a productive and happy day as well as for restful sleep.  Prayer/meditation connects us with God/the Universe/our higher self and gets us in the divine flow of all that we deserve and want to experience in our daily lives.  There are daily meditations that you may download from my website at: http://healwithangels.com/healing-resources/.

Have a blessed day!

Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels


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