2016 Healthy Lifestyle?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a difficult process. Your best strategy is be to ease in to it, take it slow. Let go of one not-so-healthy habit at a time and replace it with a healthy habit. I recently had a client that was ready to quit smoking. After an easy shift in nutritional habits and a few daily supplements, she let go of the cigarettes and began to exercise. In other words, she let go of a destructive behavior or habit and adopted a healthy and positive one instead.

If you falter, don’t get down on yourself, just keep on going. Start again the next minute/day until you are able to spend 21 to 28 days without faltering. Then and only then can you say I have replaced an unhealthy habit with a healthier one.

Alina Nunez, Heal with Angels

305-807-8998; healwithangels1@gmail.com

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